Why Your Social Media Sucks and what to do about it

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The flash of a screen and a head looking down or up at it is everywhere. Social media has grown to become more popular more television, radio and other channels of communication. In fact, especially for young people studies have revealed that they spend more time on social media than they do on watching television. Are you a social media zombie?

Conversely why should you not be. Social media is everywhere and business from the world over are competing for your attention every minute of the day and for your every click. People have build huge following from this very tool – and many even argue a new president was elected out of it.

Here are 7 ways to improve your social media online

1. Post more content : Many people and business wonder why they’re not attracting any follower to the social media channels. The simple answer is that they have nothing to follow. No one will follow a blank account or one where they cannot even see the owner’s face

2. Post good content: With the abundance of content on the web, attention is king. If your content isn’t compelling and quality you get  any click, likes or tweets. The only way to build a following is to be worthy of following yourself

3.Be interesting: like I said previously, we follow personalities not blank or fake accounts. Who you are and what you’re presenting      needs to stand out so you can get noticed.

4.Be original: quality always stands out. Even if the viewer doesn’t know your face or know you personally, you will commend attention.    Also be attentive to the desires of those of your target audience. Make sure it’s apt

5.Post relevant pictures of your business: make people want to come. People want to feel like they’re connected to your brand. The  fact they liked your page or follow you means they care. You should too.

6.Don’t use social media to defame others: Your reputation is like rare and precious gold, so protect it. Don’t be posting defamatory  material about somebody else. Even if you’re, right most of the time it comes back to haunt you later. Be respectful and be respected.

7.Use it appropriately: You are a brand. Your business is a brand-whether is the mailman or the owner and you should protect it. Your  perception on social media will determine your reputation. The image you portray is how you’ll be assessed.

Always be mindful of the aforementioned tips and remember as powerful and as a tool social media to get your name and brand out there, it can be potent and be just as dangerous if not used wisely. Be strategic and use it well. Everyone will win.



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